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Historical Costumes by Dress Art Mystery.

Historical Costumes by Dress Art Mystery.

Dress Art Mystery have been making  Steampunk, Cyber Punk and Gothic Costumes for a good fifteen years. 

Their extensive historical fashion range covers the Middle Ages, the Tuder and Renaissance period, to Victorian times.

Each unique piece is made by hand from the finest materials. Often incorporating vintage and even antique stock.


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Steampunk Victorian Brown and Gold Corset.

Steampunk Victorian Brown and Gold Corset.

Photo credited to Silver Leaf Costumes.

“This sleek brown and gold corset features a classic diamond pattern and looks great for steampunk, pirate, renaissance festivals, and more! In this image, our model is wearing the brown and gold corset with a brown, short sleeve cotton chemise…”

Taken from Silver Leaf Costume’s original shop listing.
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Steampunk Renainence Corset Costume.

Created by Silver Leaf Costumes.

Four-piece costume.

  • Victorian corset Copper and Gold
  • Copper Fancy blouse
  • Fancy Navy saloon skirt
  • Fancy Silver saloon skirt
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Alice In Wonderland Victorian Costume For Adults.

Alice In Wonderland Costume For Adults.

Created by Miss Em Costumes.