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THE STEAMPUNK STUFF SOCIAL LANDING PAGE is an auxiliary website to our steampunk picture blog and gift guide steampunk stuff. Just like the Mother Ship, the landing page is an affiliate website promoting steampunk related products.

Why the social landing page?

Social media platforms like Instagram and tik-tok allow individuals and businesses to place a link to a webpage or website in their profile/bio. The purpose of the social landing page is to link the user to information on something that showed up in their feed. This information could include where and how to buy a service or product that they have seen in a post on Instagram, for example.

What is an affiliate and an affiliate website?

An affiliate is a person or organisation that shares and promotes products and services for others by arrangement or partnership. They get paid a small percentage of the sale price for their trouble.

Shared content.

All shared content originates from our affiliate partners websites and credited where applicable.